Small Businesses,
Big Changes

We are in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has adversely impacted small businesses in a big way. We have had to balance care for our staff and community with mitigating a global pandemic. Some of us immediately shut our doors. Others pivoted to the ever-changing demands to keep health and safety at the center while working hard to keep serving their customers.

As small business entrepreneurs we are designers, artists, musicians, retailers, seamstresses, florists, landscapers, restaurant owners, bookkeepers, nail salons, massage therapists, hairdressers, barbers, and many more services. We are part of the fabric of our communities where people gather, find familiarity and a place of comfort. We are your neighbors, your friends, and become your family.

The Small Business Relief Fund is a place where small businesses find a community of financial supporters that care about keeping their local small businesses open.

Small Business Relief Fund - Working Together


Companies You Can Assist

Our member businesses are navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day is a potential day the ‘CLOSED’ sign will go up. Your donation will help keep these businesses open. When you keep us open, you’re supporting your community’s local economy.

Small Business Relief Fund - How to Help


Donate Today

Small businesses are critical to every local economy. Help these businesses remain sustainable. Join our network of contributors:


Your donation can help a small business cover monthly overhead costs, such as utility bills.


Your donation can help a small business cover vehicle leases, vendor costs, distribution and warehousing.


Your donation can help a small business cover a portion of payroll, payroll taxes, office and warehouse leases, and other aspects of facilities and operations.


Your donation can help a small business pay rent, cover payroll to a single full time or multiple part time employees, and even purchase inventory.

$10,000 +

Your donation can make the difference in whether or not a small business can hit the ground running as soon as the shutdown ends. This could cover a full month of overhead expenses, maybe even two, for a small business.



These times are unprecedented in modern history. It's difficult to know where to turn. We welcome you to view our FAQ's. If your questions are not addressed, please contact us.

Any U.S. based, for-profit small business with 2-100 employees is eligible to apply to our funding program.

If you are interested in our program, you are already in the right place. Simply Register today.

Amount of funding granted to each applicant is contingent upon the total sum of funds collected through our program. The net proceeds of donations from contributors who specify your small business will go to you. The net proceeds of donations from contributors for all businesses registered with our program will be distributed equally among all applicants.

Make a donation and spread the word. Share with your social and professional networks - anyone you feel may either benefit from or can contribute to the fund. A comprehensive Call To Action Toolkit is provided to assist you in maximizing donor traffic.